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Darrowby Golden Puppy Questionnaire



Telephone number:




1. Are you interested in a male or female puppy?___ Male ___Female.  

2. Is there a specific litter or target date in which are you interested? __Yes__ No

3. Have you selected the "look" you want in your Golden? If you want big and red, or the wedge shaped head or eyes, Darrowby is not for you. Our dogs range from cream to medium gold with an occasional darker dog. Heads are chiseled and very English in appearance.

4. Do you want a BIG Golden? Again, we can’t fill that order as we breed to standard size. Our dogs are 75 pounds to an occasional 80 for males, and our bitches run 60-65 as a rule.

5. What attributes would you like your dog to have; what do you want to do with your dog?


1. Do you own your own home?___Yes___No
                 If you are in an apartment or if you rent,are you certain there is no problem with a puppy in your lease or other arrangement with a landlord?

2. How much land do you have?

3. Do you have a fenced yard or paddock area?__Yes ___No
                   How high is the fence?
                   Type of fence?

4. Is anyone who lives in your home, or who is a frequent visitor, a smoker?___Yes____No

5. Is someone home during the day?y___Yes ____No
                        If no, how long at a time will the puppy be kept crated during the day?

6. How much of the time are your dogs in the house?

7. What other pets do you own? If dogs, what are their ages and breeds?

8. Do you have children living at home?__Yes ___No
                                     What are their ages?


1. What puppy food do you use or plan to use?

2. What other additives do you use with the main food?

3. What do you feed or plan to feed your adult dog(s)--- both main diet and additives?

4. Do you feed bones?___Yes___No
                                         If yes, what kind, and are they raw or cooked?

5. Do you do any of your own vet work? ___Yes___No
                          If yes, what?

6. What are the routine medications or preventives that you use on your dogs?

7. What exercise do you provide for a puppy?

8. Will your puppy play with older, heavier dogs? ___Yes____No
                       If yes, would that be supervised or unsupervised play?

9. How soon do you allow a puppy to jog on hard ground or jump?

10. What routine exercise do you plan for your adult dog?  Will this be daily or on what schedule?

11. How many weeks are you away from home without your pet each year?

                        Where do your dogs stay while you are on vacation?

                        If a boarding kennel, how often will puppies be left there, and for how long? How early will that begin?



1. Are you a member of a dog club/training group?___Yes ____No
                           If yes, please list:
2. What training methods do you use (if you have trained several dogs?)

3. Do you have an obedience school with which you already work?___Yes ____No
                           If no, do you plan to visit classes in your area to determine what training strategies you find compatible?

4. How soon will you start the "formal" group training of your puppy?

5. Do you plan to do any agility training?___ Yes____No
                           If yes,how soon will you start a puppy on agility obstacles such as weave poles and teeter totters?

6. Are you interested in showing in conformation? ____ Yes ___ No
                           If yes, will you use a handler for this?____Yes_____No
                           If yes, have you visited the handler’s home and are you satisfied with the conditioning, care and quarters provided for client’s dogs?

7.If you are not showing, do you have a problem with a limited registration on a puppy?___Yes ___No
                          This is an AKC registration that prohibits offspring from being AKC registered. The dog may be shown in all AKC events except conformation)


  1. Would you add a codicil to your will leaving both a guardian for your dog and support for care and maintenance?___ Yes____No
  2. 2. Please list three references with phone numbers and, if applicable, the best time to contact them.





We would like to call them and get their views about your dogs or your plans for a dog, and how they feel a puppy would fit in your family and lifestyle. We do not intend to offend by this. We don’t know you personally, and we can ask these people how you care for your animals or how they feel you would plan to care for a puppy, and get a good feel for the importance of animals in your life. This allows us to know that your animals are cared for the way we require Darrowby puppies to live. (Just think of us as an adoption agency --- we are!)  I want to be reincarnated as one of my puppies!!!!

3. Do you have comments or questions?

4. What are your suggestions for improving this questionnaire?


Additional questions for Breeders only

1. If you breed, how many litters a year do you breed? Where are the puppies raised? (In the house, garage, basement, kennel, etc.)

2. Do your puppies all go on limited registrations?___Yes___No
                      If no, what are your requirements for full registrations?

3. Do you use BVA, PennHip, OFA or another hip scheme?

4. What other testing do you do on breeding stock?

5. At what age would your Golden first be bred?

6. How many litters do you allow your bitches to have on average?

7. What tests do you require on dogs you would breed to?

8. Are you a GRCA member in good standing?   Yes ____   No____


Thanks for your time and information!
Sallie and Dennis D’Asaro